windsurfer X Défi Wind 2020 France

Windsurfer X Défi Wind

Date and Time:

21 May 2020 10 h 00 min - 25 January 2021 - 5 h 20 min

Events Location:

Gruissan, Gruissan Plage

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About The Events



The Le Defi is the largest rally of windsurfer in the world.

Every year since 2000 more than 1200 competitors take on 20 or 40 km races along the mythical Gruissan coast.

With more than 300 days a year over 15 knots and a perfect offshore over 10km of perfectly flat water. Gruissan offers the ideal playground for an extraodinary race.

The Led by Phillippe Bru, the Le Defi is an experience not to be missed with brand villages, concerts, equipment presentations, demonstrations for the windless days and of course up to 4 races of 40 kms per day …

Le départ du défi Wind
windsurf board, the model windsurfer LT by Exocet, in France


Fitting for it´s 20 years anniversary Le Defi has opened it´s start line to a whole new category, the Windsurfer.

Swallowing the 20km of the run on a Longboard without footstraps with a classic Windsurfer sail offers a completely experience of Le Defi, a challenge within a challenge.

On the same course as everyone else.

If the wind is light the Windsurfer class will take to the water on fun races and freestyle fun.   seront organisées.

Thanks to unique support from the Le Defi team the Windsurfer will be on the water every day.



For this exceptional edition of the event there will be an equally unique version of the Windsurfer with a unique design created in cooperation with Exocet. These limited-edition boards will be rented 100€ for the 4 days of the Defi to those wishing to take on the challenge.

The Challenge Package consists of:

  • 1 Windsurfer racing Limited Edition
  • 1 5,7sqm Sail
  • 1 4,5sqm Sail
  • 1 Fiber fin
  • 1 Windsurfer Boom
  • 1 Windsurfer Mast
  • Complete mast base and uphaul
  • Numbered Windsurfer boardbag

The competition is of course also open to anyone with their very own set of Windsurfer Equipment without being limited within the rules of the Windsurfer Class Association. After the even the limited edition boards go up for sale for collectors of the Windsurfer.

Manche Défi Wind


The Wind 2020 challenge will take place from 21st to 24th May 2020 in Gruissan.

To participate in the event, final entries will be made on www.dé starting February 20, 2020.

The rental of the Windsurfer pack is however on our site. Due to production constraints, the deadline to reserve your pack is 20 January 2020.

48 packs will be made available.

Events Location: